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My name is Jamar owner of Halal Fitness LLC. I’m a certified ISSA personal trainer providing mobile fitness in the tri state area.


Halal (permissible) Fitness is more than a Logo, Brand, or name . We show you how to transform your life! Our main goal is to help others achieve their fitness goals. Also, we help our clients get physically and mentally stronger. Most importantly we want to help our clients stay fit and healthy! So if you're interested in becoming a better version of yourself book a free consultation and LET’S GET STARTED!!!…

I have been working with Jamar for over 4 months and feel I have found my fitness home. He is constantly surprising and challenging me. I have yet to wake up the day after a session and not felt the dull ache of satisfied muscles. For years I was flitting from class to class, from Pilates to spin. My mind and body got bored easily doing the same activity for any length of time. Now Jamar  now does all that flitting for me. His breadth of knowledge is impressive, he has a cracker sense of humor and has encouraged me to be stronger not only for my body but also my mental. Choosing to workout with this man means you will push your body and mind and leave no regrets behind after a workout. He unlocked potential in myself and on my body I didn’t even know I had in me.

Bahiya Jones

1-on-1 Client

I’ve been training with Jamar for 9 months. He is a great trainer: very professional, punctual, & gets straight to the point on one’s body goals. He holds me accountable & gives me that extra push/ motivation when it comes to completing my workouts! Some times he even joins in on workouts to keep me going. With consistency you’ll definitely get the results you’re looking for.. you won’t be disappointed in this investment. Whether you’re trying to gain, lose, or tone: he will help you obtain your results! Health is wealth! Soo glad to have Jamar!


1-on-1 Client

Hello peoples, my name is Frank Wilson! I’m a 52 years old and in fairly good condition and I’ve been working with Mr. Fitt for around 30 days now. In this short time I’ve seen dramatic changes in the way my body looks and I can feel myself getting stronger. Mr. Fitt has taught me not to work out he’s taught me how to TRAIN see there’s a big difference and I’m thankful. I can’t wait to see my total transformation! 

Frank Wilson

1-on-1 Client

Jamar is such a great trainer! He’s very professional, motivating and organized. He’s helped me to establish my goals and creates a fitness plan accordingly.  In addition, He’s helped me to become stronger, push me past my own limits, and  prioritize correct technique to avoid injuries. I would recommend his service to anyone looking to work out no matter their level of fitness. 

Evelis McCarter

1-on-1 Client

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